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Blizzard invasion of the United States

Time2017-1-12 17:38:34

Blizzard invasion of the United States, some areas of traffic paralysis or caused by logistics blockage delay

US local time on January 7, the storm began to hit the eastern United States and most parts of the South, causing serious traffic paralysis, and even flight delays and cancellations, resulting in imports of US mail processing; and Blizzard blocked the road leading to a large number of work in the New York airport area Staff were unable to travel to work, including ground service and US postal personnel.

It is understood that the snow near the airport clean-up work began on January 8, 2017, normal mail reception processing is expected to be January 2017 January 11 or 12 to restore.

It is reported that Dunhuang network to give the seller the following recommendations:

1, if the merchant orders in 2017 January 9 to 15 shipped to the United States, should be a reasonable time commitment to set the delivery time;

2, after delivery, and buyers to maintain good communication, to avoid disputes;

3, always concerned about the US news

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